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Listen to the authors as they speak about their books, how they wrote it, why they wrote it, and what inspired them to keep writing. Ask the authors any questions you wish. Join the exciting world of books,  the stories they tell, and the magic they spread.

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Must Have

You need to read this book in order to:
• Finally get the Law of Attraction to work for you
• Understand why you haven’t been getting what you want
• Experience a rebirth in your fundamental thought patterns
• Learn how you can attain more overall freedom in your life
Manifestation Resistance is a short book that reveals dozens of ways people unknowingly make their lives more difficult.
Inside you’ll discover:
• 19 common things that are keeping YOU from getting what you want
• 9 quick & easy solutions for drastically faster manifestations
• 8 myths about success that are holding you back
• 7 ways to save yourself from bad neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
• 6 behaviors you must stop right away
• …plus, TONS of insight and inspiration from some of the greatest teachers in the world