Wake Up and Plan for Roses




You’re going to die with or without a plan, but don’t do it without this book. To plan or not to plan? That is the question. As a result of a near-fatal car accident, that the author endured, she was shocked and dismayed to discover that it was all planned, BY HER!

Almost every bone in her body broke when her car flew off a highway nicknamed “Death Alley” (Highway 126 CA) and into the abyss. She woke up at the bottom of the mountain, paralyzed and helpless. She had to re-evaluate her entire life.

Her memoir invites you to discover how you are planning all those things you don’t want in your life. More importantly, it guides you to transform your life by living according to your plan. It points you in the direction of a major “Planning Makeover.” A plan for the rosy future of your dreams.

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